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Get Avocado Pasta Sauce Recipes Pics

Get Avocado Pasta Sauce Recipes Pics. You won't really know what to expect or how. Easy to make avocado and parmesan pasta sauce that will impress everyone!

The Best Avocado Pasta Gimme Delicious
The Best Avocado Pasta Gimme Delicious from gimmedelicious.com

Wraps, salads and now pasta dishes. You can make the sauce while the pasta is boiling so it's a really quick dinner. Recipe for pasta or spaghetti with a creamy spicy avocado sauce made with ripe avocados, roasted hatch green chiles, tomatillos, roasted garlic, cilantro, and olive oil.

Reminiscent of pesto, this creamy sauce opts for avocados for some of the usual olive oil, and includes plenty of fresh parsley and lemon for brightness.

Of course, you can always dress up the pasta with other ingredients such as shrimps for a more varied taste, but i am satisfied with this. It is easy to make at home for a convenient weekday dinner. Great as a dip for chips or vegetable sticks, and a terrific sauce for mexican food! Avocado pesto, if i may call it, is vegan because it is totally plant based.