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36+ Recipes Using Thai Basil Leaves Pictures

36+ Recipes Using Thai Basil Leaves Pictures. Easy and affordable hoisin thai basil beef recipe, packed with savory and aromatic flavors of crispy hoisin beef and thai basil leaves. I used five thai chilis to make it extra spicy, but didn't know i needed to remove the seeds and we had smoke coming out of our ears!!

Thai Basil Minced Pork Spice The Plate
Thai Basil Minced Pork Spice The Plate from i1.wp.com

This basil variety has leaves that are smaller and darker than regular sweet basil, with purple stems and blossoms and an anise flavor. In such case, you have to settle with the sweet basil or any basil you can get. This popular thai chicken main is flavoured with basil leaves, fresh red chillies and garlic and stir fried with hoisin and soya sauce.

Easy swaps are available to make this thai tofu vegetarian too.

I took a sprig, stripped off most of the lower leaves and put it in a cup of water. The taste of basil leaves gets much more enhanced when torn into pieces. Most recipes typically use ground pork instead of ground turkey, but it leaves out the thai basil (which is the point of your recipe). Thai basil can be used in sweet applications as well, added to fruit salads or desserts made with tropical fruits like mango.